Welcome to the Richland County Animal Care Web Site!
This site is designed to help you learn more about Richland County Animal Care and to give you information pertaining to the licensing and animal ordinances of Richland County.
Below are brief descriptions of what each section of the website contains; this should be a guide to help you find what your looking for.
Facts To Know.
This page contains links to information about Richland County Animal Care, its function and purpose, location and contact information. There is also a link to Important Information on rabies and pet care.
Frequently Asked Questions.
This section provides answers to frequently asked questions about licenses, ordinances, fees and other general questions pertaining to animals in Richland County.
This section provides information about licensing your animal, the cost for licensing and the fines for unlicensed animals.
View Animals.
This section allows you to see all the animals currently in the care of Richland County and view detail information about them, their breed, color, size, and the location found.
This section contains links to various other animal protection and assistance sites, such as the Humane Society and The Animal Protection League.
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